The Forge is located at 1330 E. State St. in Sycamore on rt. 64 at the very East edge of town. Sycamore Park is directly east of The Forge and the western trailhead of the Great Western Trail is across the street. It is the perfect destination after a ball game, a bike ride, run, or a long day.



For over 30 years, JD has developed a skill that has put him among the top in his craft. After a career in the rodeo he began shoeing horses and is now one of the best farriers in the country. He’s shod award winning horses for the best trainers in the world. His dedication to hammering out the perfect fit for each horse is the same dedication that now creates the best beers in the area.


An inquisitive palette, combined with a tinkerer’s mind, is what will set The Forge apart as a destination for good beer. From Belgian classics to English Brown Ales, from thick porters to inspiriting daybiers, and from syrupy Barleywines to puckering IPAs, The Forge will have a brew ready for you.


"Rheinheitsgebot" The German beer purity law of 1516. Barley, water and hops are all that was allowed in beer (they didn't know yeast). We make great beer with those four ingredients, but the limits are being expanded quite a bit. As a DeKalb County brew house, we will have a corn beer.


Less than a mile to the East is an old school house that has been repurposed as a home to the Smith family. The Smiths are close friends of The Forge and JD was an integral part of the Smiths putting in a wood-fired oven a few years ago. Another ½ mile to the north of there is JD’s homestead. Over the last few years, hundreds of people have been able to enjoy pizza from that oven while drinking JD’s recipes, so it is only natural that The Forge serve wood-fired pizza.